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Fire Suppression System, Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm & Equipment in Orange County

When it comes with comprehensive and reliable fire protection system sales and services, Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. is the company to call.

For many years, Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. has provided fire protection services for residential and commercial properties, restaurants, heavy industries, offices, educational facilities, manufacturing and more throughout Orange County and surrounding areas. We take pride to be a one stop source for all your fire protection needs, from design to installation, inspections, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.  

Our team of experts inspects, installs and services all types of fire protection systems. Whether it is an automatic fire system, industrial fire protection system, commercial fire protection system, fire alarm system, fire hose, fire sprinkler and suppression system, fire extinguisher and bracket, Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. is the trusted service provider in Orange County and areas.

We offer a wide range of fire protection sales and services, including:

Watching out for you and your properties around the clock with our total monitored protection services.

At Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc., we have all your security solution needs covered. We provide 24 hour monitoring of your home or business’ safety system. We offer customized security and systems-based solutions for our residential, commercial and industrial clients in Southern California, including monitored security alarm systems, monitored carbon monoxide detectors, monitored fire alarms, and more. Our team of highly skilled and equipped experts provides professional installation and 24 hour monitoring service for your protection.

Smoke Detector, Smoke Suppression & Smoke Alarm Equipment in

Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. specializes in commercial, industrial and residential fire protection services throughout Southern California. We have several years of fire protection experience to provide professional design, installation, inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

Our N.I.C.E.T. Certified Engineering Technicians and our experienced Sprinkler System Installers along with our Sales Force and Project Managers stand ready to answer and assist you with your fire protection needs.

Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. is your answer for design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, 24 hour service and inspections for wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, FM200 Special Hazard and fire alarm systems.

Fire Suppression & Safety Equipment in Orange County

Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. strives to meet the fire protection needs of refineries, solar projects, mills, power plants and other industrial facilities in Southern California. Our experts bring together specialized skills and experience to meet your design and installation requirements. We can design and install your special fire hazard technology and industrial fire protection systems, including the latest in fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Industrial Field Specialties:

  • Protection of gas turbine generators
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Bulk chemical offload sites
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Fryers
  • Flammable liquid operations
  • ..and much more

Smoke Detector, Smoke Suppression & Safety Equipment

Don’t gamble with the safety of your commercial properties, businesses, employees, and your customers—contact Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. for all your commercial fire protection needs today.

We sell, install, maintain and service any commercial fire protection systems including sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, engineered fire suppression systems, and fire detection and control products and systems. 

Our team of licensed, experienced and certified field technicians and superintendents takes extra care to ensure that your commercial fire protection systems are operating at peak performance.

Fire Alarm, Suppression & Safety Equipment, Smoke Detector in

Fire alarm systems and their installation and testing are one of our specialties at Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. Our installation team is skilled in the commissioning of large scale networks for high rise buildings, all the way down to small systems for day care centers and small commercial buildings.

The warning signal of an alarm system is often accompanied by dismay if the fire cannot be quickly located by fire department personnel. Graphic annunciator panels put fire department personnel on notice about the location of flames. If your building requires graphic annunciators, Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. can assist you in the selection of your custom graphic annunciator. Our staff has many years of experience in the selection of graphic annunciators.

Smoke Alarm, Smoke Detector, Fire Detector & Alarm in Orange County

We offer a wide assortment of fire hose, couplings, nozzles, brass goods, fire fighting monitors, and more. We also provide hydrostatic testing and maintenance services on fire hose and nozzles.

Smoke Suppression, Smoke Alarm & Detector & Fire Suppression

We specialize in designing, installing and servicing fire sprinklers and suppression systems in Orange County and surrounding areas. To ensure safety and code compliance, our expert team only installs fire sprinklers from leading manufacturers.

  • Residential - Your family will never miss fire sprinklers until the moment you need them most. They save lives. And our professional staff can design a system that is custom fit to your home's needs.
  • Commercial & Industrial -We offer you extensive experience working with general contractors, building owners and property managers to design and install code-compliant and attractive sprinkler systems.

Smoke Suppression & Equipment in Orange County

In addition to a wide range of fire protection system services, Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. also offers high quality fire protection products including fire extinguishers and brackets. We have a selection of multipurpose, heavy duty and effective fire extinguishers for all your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Be prepared and ready for a fire with high quality fire extinguishers conveniently mounted and ready to use.

Compliance: UL listed. Coast Guard approved.

Fire Suppression & Safety Equipment, Smoke Alarm, Smoke Detector

We very much appreciate your interest in Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. and we look forward to hearing from you soon. For more questions or inquiries about our fire protection products and services, contact Nationwide Fire and Safety Inc. today!

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